Sunday July 21, 2019
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Private / Homeschooling

State accreditation allows Treland to offer the opportunity for private/homeschooling. Students take advantage of our private services in order to meet a variety of needs. This unique program has helped individuals who need flexible scheduling, students who have fallen behind in credits, students with credit issues because of transferring, and students who succeed in a smaller environment. Field trips, hands-on experiences, team teaching with other tutors, and advanced research skills are an integral part of the program.

Colleges and universities are welcoming private/homeschoolers because they are aware of the highly individualized and intensive approaches which are usually provided. In some instances, students take classes in their home schools combined with a dual enrollment with the Treland program. We are able to adjust the pace, give immediate feedback, and work with strengths to enable each student to succeed. When appropriate, cooperative communication is arranged with the home school.

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  • Flexible year-round schedule
  • Private or semi-private sessions
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  • Dyslexia Testing
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  • Privately and locally owned; part of your community
  • Accredited
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