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About Us

Special Education

Special education services include help for those with learning disabilities, Attention Deficit Disorder, behavior disorders, dyslexia, dyscalculia, specific language disabilities, verbal and non-verbal communication problems, auditory processing, and hyperactivity.

Interventions include diagnosis and evaluation, therapeutic remediation, consultation with parents and school, IEP and #504 goals, treatment of school-related behavior and attitude problems, organization, study skills, writing skills, life skills, common sense, ADHD coaching, problem-solving, and executive functioning skills.

General Education

General education includes mentor-tutoring in regular and basic levels. Courses include English, writing, mathematics, sciences, social sciences, and foreign languages.

Test-taking strategies, organizational skills, following directions, listening skills, motivational and attitude interventions, communication and critical thinking skills, life skills, common sense, ADHD coaching, problem-solving, and executive functioning skills are all integral parts of mentor-tutoring sessions when appropriate.

Advanced Education

Students who are eligible to take honors or AP classes can sometimes complete these courses in our program. Adults needing assistance with advanced testing accommodations in college or graduate classes have worked with various staff members to help overcome issues with test-taking, writing, reading, math, and specific learning areas. With the increased focus on testing and the economic pressures resulting in career changes, adult tutoring has become an important part of our school.
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