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Treland Educational Services & Tutoring, Chicago Area NCAA Initial - Eligibility

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Treland Educational Services

Joan Treland and Associates is a locally-owned clinical practice offering individualized help for educational needs. Treland emphasizes the personal approach to each student's needs. Communicating and coaching with parents is key, as well as direct communication with schools and liaison professionals: pediatric neurologists, child psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, ophthalmologists, audiologists, social workers, and speech and language pathologists.

This comprehensive educational service established in 1971 is fully accredited by the NCAA Initial - Eligibility Certification and offers a variety of services for students from preschool through college and adult. Special education, general education, and advanced education are the three major types of services.

The mentor-tutors at Joan Treland and Associates are state certified and hold at least bachelor degrees in their subject areas. All have had extensive teaching experience and have outside interests in cultural, recreational, scientific, and business areas.

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