About Treland

The Treland Advantage

Treland Education is a locally owned educational center focused on providing mentoring services directly to students in a controlled educational environment.  The center was founded in 1971 by Joan Treland, and has been providing personalized educational services to generations of DuPage families ever since.  

Treland Education is more than your average tutoring service.  Our tutors aren't recent college graduates with a part time job until they find something better.  They are teachers and mentors whose deep love of providing direct student instruction have led them to Treland.  All have decades of experience, most with multiple endorsements, advanced degrees, and significant real world experience.

In addition, Treland Education is dedicated to the proposition that the best learning model is individual guided practice.  Unlike other tutoring centers that divide a tutor's attention among three or more students and rely on worksheets, Treland Education relies on individual instruction tailored to each student's needs, and never has more than two students per mentor-tutor, and even then only at client request.

The mentor-tutors at Treland also know a fundamental truth of education: learning isn't merely about the facts and skills related to a given subject. Our highly trained and experienced staff also specializes in offering individualized help for several academically related needs.  We provide guidance on executive function, organization, error analysis, test/study strategies, time management, self-reliance, mindfulness, and critical thinking. 


Finally, Treland Education maintains its own curriculum for homeschool and course credit purposes that is based on ISBE requirements and the curriculum of our local District 200, and our program is certified by NCAA for Initial-Eligibility Certification. 

At Treland, we are proud to be a community partner in educating our children not just for today, but into the future.  Join us today!