Coursework for School Credit

Coursework for Credit


Treland Education is approved for and maintains NCAA Initial-Eligibility Certification which allows us to provide public/parochial high school course credit when given school authorization.  We can either provide course credit recovery, selective courses, dual enrollment, or private school/homeschool courses, utilizing the school's syllabi and texts or our approved program.  Students are required to complete designated teaching hours in addition to supervised study time.  Upon completion of course requisites, parents/school will receive Teacher Grade Reports.  If a student completes our program, they will receive transcripts and a diploma if relevant.

This unique program has helped individuals who need flexible scheduling,  school transfer completion, consideration for medical-related issues, or a smaller, calmer environment. 

Colleges and universities are welcoming private/homeschoolers because they are aware of the highly individualized and intensive approaches which are usually provided. In some instances, students take classes in their home schools combined with a dual enrollment with the Treland program. We are able to adjust the pace, give immediate feedback, and work with strengths to enable each student to succeed. When appropriate, cooperative communication is also arranged with the home school.

In the past, Treland Education has arranged for credited coursework with the following schools:

  • Hinsdale Central

  • Glenbard West

  • Glenbard South

  • Wheaton Warrenville South

  • Wheaton North

  • Downers Grove North

  • Neuqua Valley

  • Metea Valley

  • Richards High

  • Lyons Township High School

  • Lisle Senior High School

  • Montini Catholic High School

  • Timothy Christian High School

  • York High SChool

  • Benet Academy

  • St. Francis Catholic High School

  • Naperville CEntral

  • Naperville North

  • West Chicago Community High School