Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How come I've never heard of you?  Treland has been providing educational services for just under 50 years, but has never advertised in any substantial way.  Despite that, we've offered valued services to multiple generations of students all across DuPage county.  Check out our services and testimonials, and we think you'll be very impressed!

  2. Why don't you come to people's homes?  Pandemic aside, there is a host of research that establishes the importance of environment on learning outcomes.  Just as many adults have found it challenging to maintain a schedule and get work done from home, many students experience the same challenges.  By maintaining an Educational Center, we can provide a controlled environment engineered to simply make learning easier.  In addition, one of the services that makes Treland Education unique are the private/homeschooling options, where we educate students across the entire curriculum.  While we are proud to have a number of true polymaths on our staff, in general it is far more effective to bring a student to see four teachers specializing in different subjects rather than have four such teachers coordinate visiting a student's house.

  3. What makes you better than one of the franchises like Sylvan or Kumon?  We aren't necessarily better.  Most franchises are perfectly adequate for what they offer.  Some are successful models with proven track records, such as Kumon.  On average, your neighborhood franchise can be a good supplement for your child's school education, and sometimes the price is reasonable as well.  However, there are some disadvantages to the franchise model.  Firstly, most of them rely on relatively inexperienced tutors.  A quick look on Glassdoor and Indeed.com shows that a lot of those centers pay their tutors in the low to mid teens on an hourly basis.  Frequently, the tutors are recent college graduates without a lot of experience.  Second, the tutors typically are using provided materials and assessments to identify weak areas and provide worksheets for practice.  This can be more than adequate for students who simply need more practice and some occasional guidance, but it is rarely appropriate for students who have special or unusual needs such as learning disabilities, or for students who require a deeper dive into the subject matter.  Treland Education isn't merely tutoring center.  It is a full service education center with highly experienced and certified staff.  We don't just remediate basic skills and provide extra practice, we can teach an entire curriculum and target the personal needs of our students on a long term basis.

  4. I've been reading a lot about education pods.  Why not just do that?  You absolutely can! However, most families seeking to essentially create mini schools seem to be relying on hiring a tutor or even an actual teacher to teach a handful of kids in a controlled setting.  To be cost effective, this basically requires recreating the old single schoolhouse model of instruction.  There are actual some real advantages to this form of schooling, but the downside is that is requires a significant degree of expertise on the part of the teacher or tutor.  Further, to have a teacher or tutor teach a group of students in a content area where they are an expert would be fairly easy.  But teaching in a content area they are unfamiliar with is likely to be far less effective.  At Treland, we have a diverse staff that can provide significant expertise in the breadth of subjects in an average school's curriculum.  Additionally, the staff is highly experienced, and our curriculum meets the requirements to permit us to coordinate with schools to offer recognized course credits, and to be NCAA certified.  Hiring an independent tutor may well work and be worth it, but no one has a track record like ours!