Barbara A.


We are very thankful to Treland Education and would highly recommend their services and teachers. Because of frequent travel and performance opportunities, our daughter completed her Junior and Senior years at Treland rather than attending Glenbard West High School. She was able to continue her advanced coursework while being motivated and challenged by her teachers at Treland's Wheaton location and also via videotelephony.

We are also very thankful for Treland's references and support when our daughter was applying to colleges. Because of the excellent education she received, our daughter was offered many scholarships including Presidential and entrance into Honors programs at excellent schools. She was accepted to many top-ranked colleges including, Boston University, George Washington University, Baruch College, Hunter College, and Fordham University. She currently attends Fordham at Lincoln Center and feels Treland prepared her very well for the demands of college coursework.

Thank you Treland!

Lisa P.
Former Student

"I have known Joan Treland since 1972, when I was 8 years old. When she opened her practice, I became one of her students, attending sessions throughout my elementary, junior high and high school years. She taught me skills I continue to use today, including organization, social, writing, math and many more in my position with a major corporation. As a result of my tutoring with Joan, I graduated from college, another milestone in life I know I would not have experienced if it weren't for her. I would not be the person or have the career I have today if it weren't for Joan Treland."

Liz S.

"My son has been with Joan Treland and Associates since he was in the seventh grade. He is now a junior in high school. He said, ‘I couldn't have done it without them!’ Mrs. Treland gave my son a very thorough evaluation to determine his weaknesses and strengths. Not only did they help him with his weaker skills, but they also encouraged him in his strengths. I feel Mrs. Treland and her staff are concerned with the well-being of the whole student. The quality and dedication of the staff have impressed me over the years. The staff has been extremely helpful in not only the scheduling of students, but the frequent ‘juggling’ of teenage schedules. They are so patient, and I am so thankful to them."

Cindy M.

"We came to Joan Treland with a specific goal in mind: to increase our seventh grade daughter's verbal SAT score. As a result of tutoring, our daughter increased her verbal SAT score by 170 points. She went from a 400 to 570! We are so happy to report that as a result of this dramatic improvement, she now qualifies for the Fast Paced Language Arts Program for eighth grade. It's not often that one sees a tangible result of one's preparation in real life; however, this was a huge win for our daughter and one that will be forever cherished."

Peggy C.
Mother of Special Needs

"Our daughter has been in Special Education programs since she was four. The testing, evaluation, and recommendation Joan Treland provided our daughter demonstrated the specific teaching methods that she needed. My husband and I feel that Mrs. Treland's initiation of and attendance at meetings with the School District's staff which detailed our daughter's needs were instrumental in getting the services she needed. We have also appreciated the follow-up interest Joan has shown in our daughter's progress."

Kathy H.

"Our son attended Treland and Associates from May through December of 2006. He was a full-time student, taking 12 hours of class per week. Our son is an above-average student. We were referred to Treland by a teacher who knew a student that was currently attending Treland for health-related reasons. the teachers and staff at Treland were very professional and accepting of our son. Joan Treland sets high standards for her staff and the students who attend her school. The professional, highly-educated staff challenged our son's academic ability and enhanced his study skills. He acquired knowledge and understanding beyond our expectations in every subject he enrolled in. Beyond the academic benefits provided, Treland and Associates gave our son confidence, showed him consideration and respect, and provided him a safe, enriching atmosphere in which to learn and grow."

Kris S.

"My son graduated from Joan Treland and Associates highschool program in June 2008. The individualized program and small (and sometimes even private) classes with the excellent teachers at Joan Treland and Associates provided him with the key to his success. The teachers at Treland's were very professional. They motivated him to try his best and increased his love of learning."

Rob Y.
Former Student

"I am a former student of Treland and Associates. I have known Mrs. Treland for seventeen years. Mrs. Treland did some initial intelligence testing with me when I was four years old to help my parents determine how to proceed with my education. Mrs. Treland made many recommendations that would positively affect my life and learning environment for years to come. I was home schooled through high school and my curriculum was supplemented with private tutoring in several subjects from some of Mrs. Treland's accomplished teachers. I graduated Cum Laude from Benedictine University and will graduate Summa Cum Laude with a MS in Biology with a focus in Marine Sciences. I credit my success to Mrs. Treland's strong guidance and sound advice and I hope to someday play as integral a part in someone else's life as she has in mine."

Chris K.
Former Student

"My relationship with Joan Treland began 34 years ago when I was around 12 years old. I was a student of hers until I was a freshman or sophomore in high school. My oldest son had shown signs of having a learning disability. I had remembered Joan and what she did for me when I was a child. My son now attends her center twice a week and we have already started to notice improvements. I think that Joan really measures her success by the accomplishments of her students."

Gina P.

"Our daughter was diagnosed with dyslexia. Joan and her staff embraced this both academically and personally. Our daughter was immediately enrolled in the appropriate tutoring sessions to address her specific learning needs. We have seen much improvement with our daughter's accountability and performance. She is eager to participate in tutoring sessions and understands the need to achieve academic success with the help of ongoing tutoring. We are extremely appreciative of Joan's dedication, professionalism, and friendship. Her staff is exceptionally talented and professional at all times."

Paul P.
Former Student

"In junior high school I was quite ill for a period of time and at this time my learning ability was impacted. I was referred to Mrs. Treland in my senior year because I lacked focus and was unable to differentiate between the important and the trivial. Treland and Associates taught me to compensate for my learning disability and to focus on the task at hand. Mrs. Treland taught me a systematic way to take notes. Just as important was her constant encouragement with discipline. She taught me to set realistic goals and attain them as well as to go the extra mile. Treland's was even available to me in college when I could return for additional reinforcement. Recently, our six-year-old son began to show signs of frustration with school. Since he has started to attend Treland, he has moved up three reading levels. His instructors are teaching him to focus and try his best at all times. He likes the strong discipline and encouragement he receives in each session."

Cheri B.

"We came to Joan Treland and Associates when our eight-year-old wasn't reading. Even simple phonetic books were a source of frustration for him. He felt sad because he realized his friends could read and he couldn't. We could see him beginning to dread going to school. After interviewing many area tutoring services, we found Joan Treland's center. Two nights ago our son came home with a copy of Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing in his backpack. That night he stayed up until 10:30, reading! He said to me, ‘Mom, I think I must be dreaming because I really couldn't read and now I can!’ It has been almost nine months of tutoring twice a week, and it has been well worth it. The staff and Wilson-trained tutors are experienced, dedicated, and hard-working."

Paul A.

"Our son began coming to Joan Treland and Associates almost five years ago. He has always struggled with reading and all of its related concepts. The staff has been caring, professional, and patient in helping to instruct him achieve at his highest level. Last year, he made the high honor roll for the first time. We know that we can count on Joan Treland and Associates to allow our son to learn at his own rate while maintaining good grades."

Kelli K.

"As our son's placement testing placed him in the 10th percentile for his age, it was recommended that he enroll in education services at Joan Treland. The excellent teaching and services provided allowed our son to attend a main stream school without special education. Today, our son is one of the top students in his class. His latest testing placed him in the 80th percentile for his age/grade. We truly believe that the services provided by Treland and Associates have allowed our son to function academically at his grade level. Not only were academics stressed, appropriate behavior and discipline were also taught to students."