Tutoring and Private Education

Tutoring and Private Education

Treland Education has always offered traditional tutoring to support students seeking to improve their classroom performance.  In addition, we also offer complete private schooling services at our center.

After all, it is an unfortunate truth of a traditional classroom education that it is not ideal for everyone.  Young athletes and artists frequently have difficulty finding sufficient flexibility in their schedules to permit the high level of training needed to pursue their respective paths into the professional world.  Some students have difficulty adapting to the stressors and demands of large class sizes and a traditional lecture model of education.  For others, the philosophies and educational goals of the student or their family may conflict with those of their local school.  In all these cases, private education may be an effective solution.  


For student athletes, Treland Education is approved for and maintains NCAA Initial-Eligibility Certification.  This indicates that the coursework that is a part of our program meets the requirements that the NCAA has established for "nontraditional" coursework in order for it to qualify towards student certification in NCAA division I and II sports.  


For all students, our standards-based program  can be a good fit for parents who would prefer homeschooling to occur outside the home for a variety of reasons, or who simply wish to take advantage of the expertise of our mentor-tutors and the established quality of our curricular program.  Treland Education is proud to have helped individuals who need flexible scheduling,  school transfer completion, consideration for medical-related issues, and smaller, calmer environment. 

In addition, Colleges and universities are welcoming private/homeschoolers because they are aware of the highly individualized and intensive approaches which are usually provided, as well as the frequently superior skill set of such students when it comes to habits of mind, self-discipline, and study habits.  

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