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Treland's Mission

In addition to serving students who need a customized path to academic success, Treland’s  mission is to provide a core program of courses from recognized curricula to serve students enrolled for one-on-one home schooling. We will continue tutoring at all grade levels, as well as offering academic counseling, assessments, and placement test preparation.

Treland also can help senior high school students, high school graduates, and even recently discharged military veterans seeking educational guidance, career planning, and internships.

While our services are best offered to children who meet one-on-one in our facility, we can help families at a greater distance, working at home, or with other children at home who want to balance the needs of each child by using our services online. Some online students can later move on-site.

At Treland, we are committed to more than helping students learn content that is presented to them. We work on the academic skills and executive function needed to get the most from the material.

Our goal is not just to teach the highest quality material, but to help our students grow to reach their fullest potential.

At Treland, students gain the critical benefits of the deep and significant experience our teachers have as educators, combined with an ability to tailor lessons to the specific needs of the student.

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Our Story
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Our Story

Treland Education has a history of 50 years of successful tutoring serving as a viable choice for any family with school-aged students who would benefit from one-on-one learning. At this point, we had successfully worked with students grappling with anxiety, but not candidates for conventional special ed programs.

Treland serves a population of sensitive youth and any students who can benefit from a customized program to achieve their potential to do well and calm their anxiety. We strive to help students find satisfaction from the success found in customized one-on-one learning.

Success with customized learning raises our hope that we can help public, private, and other home school students who find it difficult to achieve success in the conventional classroom. We identified a need to help students return to learning without the anxiety, peer pressure, distraction, fear, and uncertainty reported as hampering progress in traditional classrooms.

We can work with students for a single subject, a school year term, or for years. With donor support, we can offer scholarships, peer tutoring, and rehabilitative support that continues through college and career planning.

Parent Involvement

We are committed to working closely with families who find our one-on-one learning programs to be the right choice for their children. Our objective is to enlarge our home schooling environment and enhance our ability to relieve both students and their parents of the stress of conforming to novel post-Pandemic constraints.

We find parents eager to engage in the educational process. They want their children to have an opportunity to excel without peer pressure or the multiple challenges of the classroom. At Treland, every student is one of a kind. Our programs are designed around each individual student’s needs. Parental involvement spurs student success. Our core courses emerge from recognized curricula aimed at meeting or exceeding the academic requirements of each students home school district, making for a smooth transition.

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Parent Involvement


“The Head of School is absolutely wonderful. He tutored my son in advanced chemistry at the high school level; he took the time to break down the material, and thoroughly explain the concepts. He has an innate ability to teach difficult concepts in an understandable way. I truly believe that without Treland’s help, my son wouldn’t have passed chemistry. Mr. Stevenson is a dynamic educator- I highly recommend him and his services.”

Kathy Ann

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