In response to the pandemic, we are making adjustments to our existing procedures.


  1. Per health department guidelines, we are requiring both face masks and distancing recommendations be observed by staff and by visitors to Treland Education.

  2. We are working with staff and students to accommodate the need for remote learning when necessary due to health concerns and personal comfort level, although in-person instruction remains our recommended and preferred model.

  3. For our physical location, we are instituting equipment and protocols to completely sanitize our facilities on a daily basis.  In addition, high contact areas and surfaces are to be sanitized after each use by an individual.  The highest grade HVAC filters are to be used in our central system which will run with the ventilation continuously on during business hours, and each tutoring room is having a medical grade HEPA filtration unit installed.

  4. We are also working to make modifications to our physical environment to make cleaning and sanitation more efficient, in particular by replacing fabric surfaces wherever possible.


We appreciate everyone's patience, and look forward to seeing you soon!