Treland Education


  • At Treland Education, All mentor-tutor staff are state certified and endorsed in multiple content areas.

  • Treland Education's staff has decades of teaching experience, all in a single location.

  • Treland Education's curricular program is NCAA certified as meeting requirements for initial eligibility certification.

  • The Treland Education curricular program is standards based and aligned with both the state standards and local districts.

  • Treland Education meets the requirements enabling it to coordinate with local high schools and universities to offer work for course credit.

  • Treland Education has more than four decades of demonstrated success in educating and graduating private/homeschool students. 



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From left to right:  

Rick Klimas, Julie Gonzales (Administrative Assistant), De Popolis, Joan Treland, Karen Evensen (Office Manager), Gary Evensen (Accounting)