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The best way to learn is...

I was speaking with some parents earlier today, and we were talking about how effective our instruction is at Treland. The student in question is undoubtedly bright, but really suffered and fallen behind in traditional classroom environments over the past few years. We're catching her up, and she's making marvelous progress in our one-on-one setting.

In any case, her parents commented on how well things were going, and I pointed out that this isn't an accident. The normal classrooms we encounter in our schools aren't really an optimal way to learn for anyone. We do it because its relatively cost effective, not because it works especially well.

The saying goes that learning is the residue of thought. But in a large group setting, it is very easy for thoughts to wander and get off track, or to get stuck on the wrong aspect of a lesson. In the case of direct instruction between a single teacher and student, it is possible to constantly assess a students understanding and redirect the lesson in order to keep the focus on the main just isn't cost effective in terms of mass education.

But as a former public educator (who sometimes had class sizes as large as 40!) I can honestly say that the best way to teach anyone is the way I get to do it now, where the entire focus is on the student I'm currently scheduled with.

In short, individual tutoring is the most effective way to teach and learn, and I'm thrilled I now get a chance to do it every day here at Treland!

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