Professional Liaison Reviews


"Joan Treland has proven to be a valuable resource for me in my role as a coordinator of services for students with disabilities. I have referred to Joan for comprehensive testing and am always impressed with the scope of her services, especially her testing report. The reports are concise, clear, and offer extremely practical and valuable suggestions. The reports go that one step further and offer valuable suggestions to the post-secondary institution regarding ways that it can improve on services to insure total access to educational opportunities for each student."

-Coordinator, Special Programs

Learning Specialist - University


"I have been acquainted with Ms. Treland for most of the 23 years I have worked as a school psychologist and Assistant Principal for Student Services. She has consulted with numerous families of ours regarding assessment and tutoring needs and has worked diligently with our school staff to develop coordinated plans to address student needs. There have been a number of complicated situations over the years where Ms. Treland's group was able to supply coursework and issue credit for high school courses, such that both the school and the family were pleased that the student could move forward. Ms. Treland is consistently professional in her endeavors, communicates well with school staff and parents, and is committed to student success."

-Assistant Principal for Student Services

Community Unit School District


"Many of the clients I see regarding career guidance have need of assistance in goal-setting, developing organizational skills, learning effective study habits, and tutoring in various areas. Ms. Treland's personal attention to these needs helps prepare my clients for college/vocational training and future careers. It helps increase their self-esteem, motivation, and feelings of accomplishment. My only regret is that some of my clients were not aware of Ms. Treland's services before they came to see me. It could have saved them years of frustration and feelings of failure."


Career Planning Services


"Ms. Joan Treland possesses the rare combination of both personal charisma and professional competency as a psycho-educational diagnostician and treatment provider. Her interest in helping impaired people is extremely keen and unselfish. Ms. Treland's quest for continued personal and professional growth is highly respected. My association with Ms. Treland has been extremely rewarding."

-Rehabilitation Counselor



"I am writing to commend you and your diligent staff on the work you have done on behalf of our mutual client. You and your patient staff worked with him to help him reconnect to his intellect and reignite his interest in learning. I was particularly pleased that you encouraged him to return to his high school to complete a regular curriculum and earn a diploma rather than earn a GED. It was a sign that you were interested in his emotional and social growth as well as providing educational credits to him."




"I have been in frequent professional contact with Joan Treland and Associates. Her group has provided me consistently with much valuable information on children with special educational needs. Her expertise and that of her associates has been a significant benefit to me in several ways."

-Pediatric Neurologist



"I support Ms. Treland's philosophy and methodology in working with the special population of children requiring psycho-educational support and learning disability remediation. Her work as an advocate, consultant, and coordinator with the school district has been especially important in fitting the unique needs of the child to the local school system at large. From a psychiatric point of view, I have found that not only do learning disabilities in their usual sense improve under this approach, but in addition, maladaptive behaviors such as disorganization, lack of on-task behavior, and avoidance behaviors have lessened as well as improved self-esteem."

-Fellow, American Academy of Child Psychiatry