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Joan Treland & Associates, a locally owned clinical educational practice, offers individualized help for several academically related needs: executive function, organization, error analysis, test/study strategies, time management, self-reliance, mindfulness, and critical thinking which requires background knowledge. Treland’s staff emphasizes the personal and caring approach to each student's needs including strengths and weaknesses. Communicating and coaching with parents is key, as well as directly communicating with schools and liaison professionals: pediatric neurologists, child psychiatrists, neuropsychologists, ophthalmologists, audiologists, social workers, speech/language pathologists, and attorneys.


Our comprehensive educational service established in 1971 offers a variety of services (with no long term contract) for students from preschool through college and adult including high school course credit. Three major types of services provided: basic special education, general education and advanced education. The program is certified by NCAA Initial-Eligibility Certification. Updates are provided at least every eighteen months. 


Joan Treland & Associates also offers private school/homeschool programs which follow District #200 and ISBE graduation requirements. Courses are individualized and accepted by numerous schools when authorized.  The program is documented with transcripts and followed with diplomas at graduation.


The experienced mentor-tutors are state certified and hold at least bachelor degrees. All have had extensive teaching experience and have outside interests in cultural, recreational, scientific, sports, and business areas.

No long-term contract.

Policies regarding dress code, drinks, food, electronics, etc. are provided.

Joan Treland & Associates/Treland Education

Phone:  (630) 653-9222

1776 S. Naperville Rd, #B-105

Wheaton, IL 60189

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